How to choose custom boxes for bottles

If your company deals with the production of wine, oil, beer or spirits, thinking about packaging means choosing reliable and approved packaging, but also elegant and personalized .

During transport, in fact, the goods could be subject to vibrations, accidental shocks, sudden changes in temperature.

And when it comes to food products, usually stored in glass bottles, protecting the characteristics, integrity of the product and its flavors is essential.

Also paying attention to the aesthetics and unboxing experience of your product helps you best represent your company: packaging can therefore become a real business card.

We want to give you some advice to understand how to choose the packaging for your bottles and tell you about the rules and principles that guided us in the creation of our line of bottle boxes .

The characteristics of the perfect packaging for your bottles

If, as we have already mentioned on this blog , paying attention to packaging means being recognized , creating a memorable unboxing experience in the minds of your customers, on the other hand, however, when it comes to food products, the protection of the products and the protection of their peculiarities depends on the robustness of the packaging.

But what are the characteristics of the boxes for transporting wines, beers and, in general, bottled products, that you really need to pay attention to?

Let's look at them together in detail:

  • the packaging must be resistant, suitable for transport and durable , able to withstand even the impacts of the most careless couriers;
  • take care of the packaging carefully because the bottles, which are very delicate, need extra protection: you can use bubble wrap or polystyrene chips, or paper shavings , for a more elegant and refined effect;
  • pay attention to sustainability and choose recyclable packaging, your customers and the environment will thank you;
  • don't forget about customization and make your boxes unique and consistent with the colors and style of your company.

Types of customized boxes for bottles

Before choosing how to make the boxes, it is important to evaluate the size and number of bottles to be packaged. There are different types on the market: with a narrow and long neck, shorter with a wide underlying part, with a capacity that can vary from 0.75 to 10 litres.

You must choose packaging that holds the bottle firmly regardless of its size, so as to avoid even the slightest movement and minimize the risk of impacts or damage.

Cardboard boxes

Cardboard bottle boxes continue to be the most resistant, economical and ecological choice on the market: they guarantee maximum customization in terms of colours, logos and accessories.

These solutions are simple to assemble, robust and perfect for elegant packaging, capable of enhancing your bottles.

We at Kapasity recommend two solutions:

  • the Bordeaux bottle case : perfect for wine bottles, with an internal neck shape and entirely made of coupled cardboard and available in 5 colours;
  • thebox for multiple bottles : perfect for housing 2 or 3 bottles and available in various sizes and supports, they are simple to assemble and suitable for transport thanks to the shaped handles.

Cardboard is excellent for creating personalized packaging for bottles of wine, oil and spirits: this way you can create excellent gift ideas to amaze your customers or guests at business dinners and corporate events.

Packaging with magnet

Personalizing means communicating through packaging: it is possible, in fact, to immediately perceive the value of the product , its characteristics, the elegance of the brand or its values ​​and offer an unforgettable experience to your customers.

The boxes with magnetic closure are those that most underline the importance and refinement of the product.

Their elegance and practicality make them perfect for transporting fine wines, sparkling wines and craft beers.

They are easy to assemble and, with the right packaging, provide maximum protection for the products you sell.


Shopping bags are perfect for companies looking for robustness and simplicity.

We at Kapasity offer you the solid shopper and the premium solid shopper : rigid solutions, made of two-tone coupled cardboard, equipped with sturdy washable paper handles.

It is an ideal solution for holding and transporting 2 bottles of wine and, as always, it is entirely customizable: in the handles, the rivets, the colors and the dimensions of the internal dividers.

If you have an e-commerce, follow some more advice

Customized bottle boxes can be a great opportunity for e-commerce: they are the first physical point of contact between brand and customer and allow the exclusivity and quality of the products purchased to be known from the first glance.

If you have an e-commerce platform and want to offer a memorable experience to your customers you can follow some simple advice.

  • Choose approved packaging for shipping your bottles, so as to have more security in terms of quality and resistance.
  • In the case of more complex shipments, use inflatable bags , paper shavings and packaging that best protect the safety of your bottles.
  • Seal the packaging with personalized adhesive tape , to make the product immediately recognizable and better isolate the packaging.

Offering a quality shipping service means satisfying two parameters: speed and product integrity . Succeeding in this helps you guarantee maximum satisfaction to your customers and, from this perspective, personalizing your company's packaging can really make the difference.