Boxes for clothing and accessories: how to choose the right ones?

Are you trying to figure out how to choose the right boxes to ship clothing?

To select the right packaging, you must take into account the type of garment to be transported, so as to ensure its safety during movement.

If, on the one hand, the low cost (or fast fashion) clothing sector has accustomed us to practically non-existent packaging such as very simple plastic or paper bags, in reality the box and packaging are a real business card for brands in the fashion sector.

Whether you sell clothes or accessories, the ideal packaging for your clothing store should be functional, beautiful, personalized and safe.

And don't worry, finding it is not an impossible mission!

In this article we want to explain how to choose the right packaging for stores (physical and online) that sell clothing.

The characteristics of the perfect packaging for clothing

As mentioned in the past on this blog, paying attention to packaging means being recognized , creating a memorable unboxing experience in the minds of your customers and protecting even the most delicate fabrics during transport.

But what are, in detail, the characteristics of clothing boxes to really pay attention to?

Packaging practical to use

The packaging of the clothing you sell must be easy to assemble, use and transport .

Whether you have a physical or online store, it is really important that your clothes are transported by customers or couriers easily, without effort or hassle.

Think carefully about what your target's needs are, where and when they should receive the package and how it will be transported.

Kapasity offers you a line of packaging perfect for your clothing business: you can choose from various models of shoppers that can be fully customized with the logos and colors of your brand and a vast range of accessories and elements to take care of the internal packaging, to be inserted, then inside the boxes.

Custom boxes

Personalizing means communicating already through the packaging, but also offering an unforgettable experience to your customers.

In fact, already from the packaging it is possible to understand the quality of the item sold, the authority of the brand and convey the values ​​of the company itself.

When we talk about customization we are not only referring to colors, but also to shapes: if you want to send a particular pair of shoes or express all the creativity of your brand, playing with innovative shapes can be an excellent idea, always giving maximum priority to protection of products during transport.

For small items of clothing, for example, we have created the boxes of the fiocco line : elegant and easy to use, they are available in different sizes and can be personalized with hot stamping.

Better if made of recyclable materials!

Attention to environmental care and sustainability has increased in recent years, becoming a priority choice for companies starting from packaging, elements usually considered difficult to dispose of.

Not taking into consideration the ecological impact of packaging means not taking into account the needs and requests of a very large portion of the market.

Cardboard boxes continue to be the most resistant, economical and ecological choice on the market also for clothing: it is possible to make them unique by personalizing them with company colors or by offering innovative shapes.

The line of boxes dedicated to Kapasity clothing and accessories is perfectly suited to all types of online and physical stores, also offering various ecological and recyclable solutions, attentive to the needs of the environment and yours.

If you have an e-commerce, follow some little advice

Personalized clothing boxes can be a great opportunity for e-commerce: they are the first physical point of contact between brand and customer and allow the exclusivity and quality of the products purchased to be known from the first glance.

If you have an e-commerce platform and want to offer a memorable experience to your customers you can follow some simple advice.

  • Clothes are not considered fragile items, but during transport they can still be exposed to bumps, shocks and stress: for this reason, pay maximum attention to closing the packaging.
  • Try to protect the most delicate items such as shirts, underwear, sweaters or silk items: you could use tissue bags or other accessories to maximize the quality of the goods sent.
  • Also provide and customize the return shipping box .

Personalizing the packaging of your clothing items, as you will now understand, can really make the difference for the brand.

Trust those who can offer you memorable custom-made boxes, capable of conveying the values ​​of your store and best protecting the garments during transport.