Customized boxes: why your e-commerce really needs them

Limited access, sanitizers with not always pleasant scents, masks. With the pandemic, the purchasing experience in a physical store has become unpleasant for any sector. And it is also for this reason that the growth of e-commerce in Italy since 2020 has been exponential and shows no signs of slowing down.

Since 2020, the demand for packaging for shipping and logistics solutions has also grown, a predictable trend, which leads us to reflect on the importance of customizing product packaging and the unboxing experience experienced by customers.

In this article, you will discover the reasons why every company should pay close attention to the customization of product boxes and why choosing anonymous packaging can be counterproductive for brands and turnover.

The role of packaging in e-commerce

Unlike the physical store, those who own an e-commerce business have less opportunity to connect with buyers , to amaze and win over their customers with scents, textures or visual experiences.

These "contact moments" are called touchpoints and the unboxing phase is one of the most important for online commerce. From this perspective, packaging becomes a fundamental tool for creating a memorable experience with the product and with the company that sells it.

Packaging designed for the e-commerce sector requires a series of very important characteristics , which must be studied to perfection to achieve three main objectives :

  1. protection of the goods sent: our package must offer the owners of an online shop creations capable of withstanding sudden changes in temperature, unkind couriers and bad weather, to correctly safeguard the goods during shipping;
  2. compliance with current regulations : you absolutely cannot think of creating packaging without taking into account the dimensions and characteristics of the materials;
  3. customer loyalty and image return : your customers can become ambassadors , thanks to an unboxing experience which, if filmed and published on social platforms, can bring you new interesting users. Don't underestimate the power of this practice.

Having clarified the true functionality of packaging, the main question you are perhaps asking yourself is: which parts of the packaging can I customize and how?

Customizing packaging: how does the magic happen?

As mentioned, the packaging must have characteristics that can best preserve and emphasize the products sold.

In this article we want to list some of the most common types, but certainly not the only ones, that you can choose to customize :

  • corrugated cardboard boxes : it is the most popular solution among online sellers because they are easy to use, completely recyclable and resistant. If the load is very heavy it is possible to opt for double layer ones;
  • envelopes and bags : a convenient solution but able to withstand even the longest transports. This type of packaging is mainly used when sending small and non-fragile products;
  • padded bags : a valid alternative for transporting small products, protecting them throughout the journey. They are usually perfect for transporting books or various types of craft products.

Each of these solutions is accompanied by various accessories that can be fully customized to enrich the unboxing experience.

Let's see specifically which parts of your packaging you can adapt to your brand and your company:

  • the boxes : it is important to decide on the best packaging to use for shipping based on your goods, an excellent choice is always represented by ecological packaging to make it immediately clear that your business respects the environment;
  • tissue paper : inserting tissue paper allows you to offer greater protection to the products;
  • padding : to guarantee a beautiful aesthetic effect and at the same time greater support it is possible to choose straw or paper wool;
  • promotional material : a series of elements capable of maintaining a connection between the customer and the online store, the most common of which are stickers, which are inexpensive and representative, but also paper materials such as documents showing similar products, discounts or other company information.

The role of personalized packaging, however, is not merely functional: it can communicate, build loyalty and leave a splendid first impression.

Custom boxes make your products look more luxurious

How can you make people perceive the difference between your products and those of your competitors if you don't have a store setup or friendly salespeople to whom you can entrust your customers' needs? A survey by Dotcom Distribution found that customized shipping boxes can be a useful tool for increasing perceived value and making products appear more luxurious and high-quality.

Packaging has officially become an extension of the brand, a marketing tool in all respects, capable of influencing the retention of our customers and word of mouth about our products or services: in short, they would come back to buy from us several times if the packaging was of poor quality? Would they recommend it to friends, acquaintances or followers on their platforms?

The answer is no.

Using customized e-commerce boxes can be an excellent tool to make not only the contents but also the container and, therefore, the entire shopping experience special.

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Now that you have fully understood the advantages of having customized packaging, all you have to do is choose a reliable partner capable of offering you maximum customization.