Corporate gifts and Christmas presents: leave your mark with personalized boxes and packaging

Personalized boxes for Christmas packages and gifts, designed to make your corporate or personal gifts unforgettable.

The slow approach of the Christmas holidays heralds the frantic search for gifts for friends, customers and suppliers. Gifts that arrive in their packages designed to be unforgettable and provide some clues to the contents. Packaging that speaks of who sent them, of the attention paid to every little detail, of the time dedicated to choosing a special gift for an equally special person.

When we talk about Christmas presents and corporate gifts , personalizing the packages means giving an excellent first impression of your business: they communicate to customers through the robustness of the materials, the lines of the shapes, the colors and patterns, the attention to detail , the elegance of the package itself.

The perception of high quality , luxury and seriousness is the first business card for the purchasing experience: and there is no more special moment than Christmas to demonstrate this also through packaging.

The strategic importance of Christmas packaging

The aesthetics of your brand are closely linked not only to who you are and what you sell, but above all to how you represent what you produce. The careful choice of packaging is even more important if you have an e-commerce, because the packaging used is of strategic importance on several fronts : it must protect the goods sent, and be able to withstand sudden changes in temperature, shipping problems or couriers who are not very attentive; they must then strictly comply with the severe regulations in force that regulate shipments, to avoid running into any blockages in the delivery chain; and finally, packaging is literally the first image of your e-commerce and the loyalty of your customers can only come from here. Christmas packaging allows you to demonstrate the care, time and attention you dedicate to your customers.

For this reason, relying on an external company for the choice of boxes, shoppers or any other container for Christmas presents, always highly personalized, means first of all choosing to invest in a strategic marketing tool for the loyalty of your customers and for the acquisition of new ones.

Kapasity is able to offer you various self-assembling solutions for packaging, a wide range of gift boxes and containers made in different shapes and sizes, suitable for containing products of all kinds for your corporate gifts and your e-commerce shipments. We have always paid particular attention to packaging accessories, chosen each time with an eye to elegance and luxury.

And remember: once you have chosen your favorite packaging, our company is able to follow you step by step for the subsequent customisation, whether you are able to set up your artwork completely independently or not: we can put a professional graphic designer at your disposal of our staff.

What are the Kapasity packaging and products that can allow you to create truly unforgettable Christmas packages for your corporate gifts?

Boxes for clothing and accessories

If at any time of the year it is important for your e-commerce that the packaging reflects the seriousness, luxury and quality of the products, at Christmas this perception is enriched by the desire to celebrate and to receive, perhaps to donate to in turn, packaging with attention to the smallest details .

For the packaging of your Christmas gifts, be they small accessories, clothes or larger items, our solutions are always customizable with digital printing on the box or with a label supplied separately.

Our boxes for clothing and accessories are simple to assemble, robust and safe in the materials used, thanks to the front flap closure or double adhesive strip, designed to be reused even for a possible return. Optimized and developed to facilitate packaging times, especially when faced with large numbers, they can all be customized in the ways agreed with you, thanks to our on-site technicians who will accompany you in defining the graphics.


Together with the boxes, our solid shoppers are also perfect for innovative and particularly elegant Christmas packaging: these are rigid cardboard shoppers , of different sizes and also available with 100% recycled paper. The Velcro closure and sturdy washable paper handles make it an ideal solution for holding products of different weights and sizes.


Finally, the clutch bags , our packaging dedicated to those looking for something unusual and at the same time elegant for their Christmas presents: available in different paper colors and very simple to close, thanks to the special Velcro fasteners applied to the ends. Even the clutch bags, like all the other items on our site, can be customized according to the tastes and needs of our customers.

And to give a real experience to those who receive your packages, you can rely on our fundamental accessories to increase that perception of luxury and attention to detail: we are at your service to create personalized stickers, wrapping tissues, eco-paper adhesive tapes , in grosgrain, in cotton and in satin.