Eco packaging: sustainable, recyclable, customizable

Attention to environmental care and sustainability has increased in recent years, becoming a priority choice for companies, starting with packaging , elements usually considered to have a high environmental impact and difficult to dispose of.

But what are we referring to, specifically, when we talk about sustainable and ecological packaging ? What are the differences and what benefits can this choice bring for companies and the planet?

We talk about it in detail in this article, offering you an exhaustive overview of what it means to use and customize packaging made with recycled and recyclable materials.

If your brand has a strong vocation for sustainability, green and ecology, you can create entirely customized , ecological and environmentally friendly boxes with Kapasity and best represent your corporate values ​​starting from the product packaging.

What does eco packaging mean?

When we think of boxes or packaging material, we first think of elements destined to become waste immediately after use , immediately identifying them as enemies of the environment.

The truth is that today there are many alternative solutions to traditional packaging: this "waste" can easily be transformed into a resource for companies in terms of ecology, marketing and ecological responsibility.

When we talk about ecological or green packaging we are referring to that set of boxes and packaging which, in the long term, does not create a strong environmental impact or which helps reduce pollution of the planet .

There are different methods for managing and creating sustainable packaging:

  • some objects can be reused several times to increase the life cycle of the packaging or product and reduce the waste of resources;
  • the use of production chains can be reduced , thus generating less carbon dioxide ;
  • packaging made entirely of recycled material can be used ;
  • the consumer can be educated and informed about the correct disposal of packaging;

The only effective method to follow these principles and create truly sustainable packaging is to choose the best materials so as not to give up the resistance required by e-commerce packaging.

The materials used in sustainable packaging

What materials can be used in the creation of personalized and eco-friendly boxes ?

Cardboard continues to be the most cost-effective and durable choice . Used by many companies for shipping or storing products, it remains one of the most sustainable and ethical options when choosing packaging: it is one of the few materials to be, right from the start, 80% biodegradable .

The most innovative materials are those that exploit the most advanced technologies and scientific research in the field of vegetable and food waste transformation to create so-called bioplastics , coatings that do not pollute, but maintain the characteristics and performance of traditional plastic. A rapidly growing market which today, however, represents around 1% of the plastics produced every year in Europe.

In addition to the boxes and packaging, it is possible to personalize your orders while respecting the environment also with eco-paper adhesive tape , wrapping tissues , tissue bags and much more.

The FSC brand

The materials used to create eco packaging can be varied and different, which is why it is important to understand their provenance and origin, to be truly sure that they respect the environment.

The FSC brand of the Forest Stewardship Council AC ensures and guarantees that the entire paper production chain derives from environmentally friendly , socially useful and economically sustainable forest management .

This type of paper (or cardboard) is identical, physically and in appearance, to any other type of paper: only the origin of the cellulose with which it is produced changes , which embraces a broad concept of sustainability, which also includes the rights of workers and local populations.

A necessity for every type of company

As we have underlined several times , packaging has the power to radically change the perception we have of the product, transmitting its values, advantages and all the characteristics of branding in a clear, immediate and simple way.

Thanks to the use of labels or some in-depth cards, capable of providing information on the nature of the materials , the consumer can understand what type of material the packaging he has received is made of, how to dispose of it responsibly and what type of impact it will have on the environment.

A company capable of communicating this information is a company capable of best responding to current customer needs .

Today, in fact, we are targeting customers who are much more attentive to the needs of the environment , who pay a lot of attention to sustainability as a criterion for evaluating a brand: packaging, once again, plays a central role in this sense.

It is no longer an option reserved for companies that wanted to address a specific and restricted category of consumers, but a choice shared by every type of company , to meet the needs of customers who are more attentive to environmental protection and sensitive to issues of ecology.

Relying on suppliers who share these values ​​and are attentive to the needs of their customers, such as Kapasity , means opting for a choice that is accessible even to those with limited resources , without giving up the possibility of conveying the value of sustainability through packaging.

Kapasity's eco line

In the collective imagination, ecological packaging is made of cardboard : this material is, as we have seen, biodegradable, resistant, suitable for different types of products and entirely customizable .

Precisely for this reason, we chose it as the protagonist of our eco line .

The cardboard packaging in our line is made with 100% recycled paper or FSC - Forest Stewardship Council brand, the certification that guarantees the production of our packaging with sustainable materials.

In fact, choosing ecological packaging does not mean giving up the customization of your packaging, on the contrary, the eco line helps you best convey the values ​​of your brand and offer an unforgettable experience to your customers .