Personalized boxes and pastries: how to enhance every delicious gift

Personalized boxes and pastries: how to enhance every delicious gift

When we refer to custom packaging for pastry shops , we are talking about the way in which the company presents itself to its audience and potential interested parties. Precisely for this reason, when we design or choose it, we must take into account some unique characteristics for this category of packaging.

As we have seen in other articles , the main functions of packaging are to preserve , protect and facilitate the transport and delivery of goods. But, today, it is also possible to emphasize an aesthetic and communicative function through personalized boxes, so as to make your panettone, colomba, macarons and any other delicacy you can create immediately recognisable.

When we talk about the food sector and, specifically, the confectionery sector, boxes influence consumer choice , convey brand values ​​and often play a fundamental role in the decision-making and purchasing process of potential customers.

In this article we want to make you reflect on the importance of packaging for your company's pastry products , and on how much design has a positive impact on the purchasing experience and perception, especially during the holiday period.

If, however, you already want to create personalized, recognizable and unique packaging for panettone, Easter eggs or doves, we at Kapasity can help you .

The characteristics of pastry packaging

Food packaging and specifically that dedicated to confectionery products, must have specific characteristics to comply with legal requirements . To protect you and the consumer and be perfectly compliant, the packaging must contain some information:

  • Name of the food
  • Product durability
  • Conditions of storage and use
  • List of ingredients
  • Allergens
  • Country of origin and place of origin
  • Name or company name
  • Net quantity
  • Nutrition declaration.

We know well, however, that food packaging has an importance that goes far beyond legal requirements or regulations.

When you imagine the packages and boxes for the pastry products you sell, you absolutely must pay attention to the design , taking into consideration that a well-structured package must be able to:

  • represent your brand , already through the packaging, transmitting the values ​​and style of your brand;
  • increase the perceived value and express the goodness of the products, right from the first glance;
  • be made of the most suitable material for the product sold , remaining in uncontrolled temperature conditions may compromise the appearance of the cake or the softness of the dough.

You can also do this by enriching the boxes with personalized accessories , such as ribbons, tissues and stickers: to best express the personality of your company.

Anniversaries and holidays: the importance of packaging

The holidays, as we know, are the perfect opportunity to exchange gifts and sweets: be they the more traditional panettone and doves and Easter eggs, or macarons and pralines. A well-packaged and cared for gift, in boxes personalized for the occasion , demonstrates all the attention dedicated to the recipient.

A personalized package, capable of arousing curiosity, of turning into a decorative element to be placed under the tree at home, is certainly more appreciated than an anonymous or, worse, botched wrapping.

If we talk about companies and businesses that turn to B2B, the packaging of gifts for the holidays ( among all Christmas , but also Easter, or specific anniversaries) allows customers or suppliers to perceive the high quality of the products even more. products made.

For this reason, relying on an external company for the choice of boxes, boxes or any other container for your delicious pastry gifts means first of all choosing to invest in a marketing tool, useful for improving the relationship with those who have given you already chosen or for the acquisition of new customers.

How to create the perfect food packaging

Relying on a company like Kapasity, able to support you in the creation of customized packaging, allows you to create the perfect packaging for your products and your customers.

But how is the ideal packaging created for the pastry world? With what measures can we be able to best represent the company and its products, making them recognizable at first glance?

Make your pastry product stand out

Whether you sell online, in a physical store or through e-commerce portals external to your website, in any case your product will always be compared to others, more or less similar, that your customer can choose or prefer.

It is really very important to be able to stand out : we will help you think outside the box and create an entirely customized solution, which makes your brand stand out and make it recognizable compared to your competitors.

Choose more suitable colors and fonts

The colors and fonts in the packaging have the objective of making your brand different from others and immediately recognizable in the eyes of your potential buyers.

To make a mess, however, very little is needed: thinking of putting creativity before clarity risks alienating your audience.

Your customers want to know what they are buying , have access to all the information and immediately understand the main values ​​of the brand.

Generally speaking, therefore, fonts must be clear, legible and easy to understand. The colors, however, must be chosen with the aim of making your brand stand out and represent it at its best, also aligning the packaging with the company's visual identity.

Practicality first

Always make sure you give essential information to the customer as quickly and effectively as possible. Choosing simple packaging, capable of showing or hinting at the authenticity and goodness of the products you sell, through customization, is often the winning way.

Tell the story of your brand

Conveying emotions through packaging is a strong point, especially in the food sector : telling the story of your brand by transmitting passion, ambition or experience, perhaps with packaging that recalls vintage, leveraging the nostalgia of beautiful childhood times, can help you make your products even better known.

Choose to emphasize the goodness of all your delicacies thanks to attractive and representative packaging: we have created a line designed only for the pastry world that will satisfy your every need.